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Triglav National Park

Discover and explore the protected Triglav National Park (TNP) area on the Geopedia World. The TNP theme contains data relating to TNP's environmental features and resources, e.g:  hiking trails, Alpine Convention Boundary, mountain posts, Recharge Green spatial data, schematic map, etc.

TNP is the only Slovenian national park. The park was named after Triglav, the highest mountain in the heart of the park, which is also the highest summit in Slovenia (2864 m). The mountain is a true national symbol and is featured on the national coat of arms and the flag.

Triglav National park on Geopedia

The Triglav National Park extends along the Italian border and close to the Austrian border in the north-west of Slovenia, that is, in the south-eastern section of the Alps. Its territory is nearly identical with that occupied by the Eastern Julian Alps. The park covers 880 square kilometres, or 3% of the territory of Slovenia. The Triglav National Park is among the earliest European parks; the first protection dates back to 1924 when the Alpine Conservation Park was founded. The principal task of the Triglav National Park Public Institution is the protection of the park, but it also carries out specialist and research tasks.

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Triglav National Park