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Mobile Field Data Collection

In many cases, land administration systems require considerable amounts of data capture or migration which, because of its very nature, demands very high accuracy and faithful reproduction of the actual situation on the ground. Hence, we have built several systems and applications, which ensure efficient data management collection and, most importantly, ensure highest quality of results;

  • On-line desktop multi-user data collection and management system - based on the Cloud infrastructure, this will support centralized and harmonized management of data and digitization of data based on aerial and satellite imagery.
  • Mobile based Field Data Collection (FDC) system - based on Android OS, this system will connect to the data management system (above) and support allocation of tasks (packages) amongst surveyors, guided data entry and seamless transfer of data. On-entry data validation and post-processing quality assurance procedures ensure not only that errors are found and eliminated, but also that workflow processes are improved to prevent further errors.

Watch the video below to see how the FDC system works:

Main features of the system are:

  • mapping functionality, carrying high-resolution imagery and vector data of streets and buildings, to help with navigation
  • editing of spatial features to support digitization of new building outlines, schemes etc.
  • synchronization of pre-populated data to/from mobile devices for off-line use (including spatial data e.g. raster maps and vector graphics)
  • geo-specific based triggers to assure locational quality
  • GPS-assisted measurements of field boundaries
  • use of all available location sensors for data acquisition (GPS position, bearing, incline)
  • support of Bluetooth-connected devices (e.g. external GPS units, portable printers)
  • forms embedded with photographs, sounds and locations taken from device sensors