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Geoepdia World is a part of the HERCULES project (“Sustainable futures for Europe’s HERitage in CULtural landscapES”) within which the new online tool HERCULES Labs was developed.

HERCULES Labs is online tool for the landscape community to browse and share ideas about good practices in landscape management. A key objective of the HERCULES project is to strengthen the collaborative network of the landscape community. One way to do this is through the collection and dissemination of good landscape practices. We have developed an online tool called HERCULES Labs where members of the landscape community, be they practitioners, policy makers or scientists, can view a diverse range of good practices and initiatives that we have already gathered in our work, as well as add their own ideas and perspectives.

Hercules project

HERCULES Labs is the entry point for the discovery and delivery of data produced and shared by the HERCULES project.

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