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Drought analysis in Slovenia

Geopedia World contains drought monitoring data which were obtained in the Automatic Recognition of Vegetation Parameters from Satellite Data and Ground Measurements for Drought Monitoring (SatDroughtMon) project. In this project a satellite-data-based drought detection system was developed. Satellite, ground and ancillary data for Slovenia and its surroundings were processed and aggregated at a 250 m grid. Attributes at five-day intervals have been extracted for every grid-point for the vegetation period (April-October) of the study period 2006-2012. A series of drought maps of the study area was produced for every five days for the period 2006-2012, and cumulative drought maps, i.e. maps showing number of days with detected drought per year, were generated. The results clearly demonstrate the difference between dry and non-dry years, but most importantly they display temporal evolution and spatial distribution of droughts.

The new time-aware functionality in Geopedia World lets you:

  • Visualize time-based raster imagery.
  • Visualize data over time using a simple and easy-to-use time range selector.
  • Animate temporal datasets and export animation in an animated GIF format.

See more in the video below:

Visualizing temporal data can help you step through your data in a temporal sequence and see the patterns or trends that emerge in your data over time. Discover more on Geopedia World:

Drought monitoring

SatDroughtMon project

SatDroughtMon project is funded by the Government of Slovenia through an ESA contract under the PECS.

Project partners:

Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, University of PrimorskaResearch Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Space-SI – Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies

The project is supported by: