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Use cases

Triglav National Park

Discover and explore the protected Triglav National Park (TNP) area on the Geopedia World. The TNP theme contains data relating to TNP's environmental features and resources, e.g:  hiking trails, Alpine Convention Boundary, mountain posts, Recharge Green spatial data, schematic


Assessing and mapping a country’s renewable energy resources is a crucial step in evaluating the  full economic potential of renewable energy. Therefore  we have developed a new online GIS tool - ENGIS, which provides an interactive map highlighting renewable energy sources in Slovenia.

In many cases, land administration systems require considerable amounts of data capture or migration which, because of its very nature, demands very high accuracy and faithful reproduction of the actual situation on the ground. Hence, we have built several systems and applications, which ensure efficient data management collection and, most importantly, ensure highest quality of results;

Knowledge Hub Labs

Geoepdia World is a part of the HERCULES project (“Sustainable futures for Europe’s HERitage in CULtural landscapES”) within which the new online tool HERCULES Labs was developed.

Geopedia World contains drought monitoring data which were obtained in the Automatic Recognition of Vegetation Parameters from Satellite Data and Ground Measurements for Drought Monitoring (SatDroughtMon) project. In this project a satellite-data-based drought detection system was developed.