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Satellite imagery archive on Geopedia

Satellite-based earth observation products are getting more and more accessible. Sentinel-2 by ESA is planned to start producing imagery, delivering multi-band data every 5 days. These data will be freely available.

However, using these products is far from perfect. The sheer size (each image will be in a range of several GB) is problematic and working with 12-bands imagery requires specialised tools. Geopedia, solves all these problems - users can now get access to the data through web-site, re-configure visualisation parameters and even check how land changed through time.

If you want more information, please take a look at our brochure (below) that explains how Geopedia supports  Sentinel Data Hub services:

Sentinel Data Hub leaflet

See quick demo video showcasing it.

NOTE: the demo was done based on the sentinel-2 simulated products, done within PECS project.

The use-cases of such service range from monitoring plant health, land change, water bodies, droughts, floods, disaster mapping and other. Geopedia will offer the following services based on Sentinel (or other satellite imagery) data:

  •  importing and exporting vector data in many formats
  •  powerful visualization settings
  • 3D view
  • offline smartphone data editing, useful for crowd-sourcing
  • re-use of existing datasets within the platform
  • sharing personal datasets with others
  • inclusion of WMS data sources
  • can be integrated into 3rd party websites
  • and now also Sentinel imagery archive

Animated gif

Are you ready for Sentinel-2?

If you are interested in these data, be sure to contact us so that we start archiving the data at your location (ESA is guaranteeing storage for only 3 months of data). In case you would be interested to add some value-added services to the data (e.g. recognition of crops, automatic identification of water bodies, etc.), either for research or commercial purposes, send us an e-mail.

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