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Using the rich text editor in Geopedia

Using the rich text editor in Geopedia

When you create or edit new theme, new layer or layer feature, some fields may display few small icons/buttons at the top of the text area. The presence of these icons indicates that this field supports rich-text formating, which helps you quickly format the text.

Rich Text Editor

Many of the features are common text editing features. Hover on an icon in the editor for a label describing the feature represented by the item. The following table describes some of the more advanced features available in the editor.

insert image Insert image - add image from the Web by entering image URL.
create link Create link - create a URL link to a Web page (or any file) by entering page URL.
remove link Remove link - to remove URL link select the linked text and click the Remove link button.
insert media Insert media - embed video by entering media URL. Note that only the URLs of Vimeo and YouTube videos are valid, i.e.:
  • player.vimeo.com/video/...
  • www.youtube.com/embed/...
  • www.youtube.com/v/...
remove format Remove format - to remove rich text formating, select formated text and click Remove format button.
html HTML - To view or edit the HTML code that is being created behind the scenes, switch to HTML source code view. Click the source toggle again to return to the WYSIWYG view of your content.