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Show table

Showing a list of layer features

It is possible to see an interactive list of all a layer's features. Data in this format can be analyzed quickly assisting in decision making.

Showing a list of layer features

  1. Open layer details (the "Layer" tab).
  2. Click the "Open table with all layer features" button Table list.
  3. The table appears at the bottom of your screen.

Each row represents one feature.

Table options:

  • To show a feature on the map, click the "Show" button Search in the corresponding table row.
  • To update layer features click the "Refresh" button Refresh .
  • To export the layer's data click the "Export layer" button Export table .
  • To create a query expression which filters data appearing in the map and list, click the "Filter" button on the right-hand side.
  • To resize the list vertically, drag the splitter bar above the table title up or down.
  • To close the list, click the X in the upper right of the table. Any filters will be reset.
  • To hide the list, click the horizontal gray bar at the very bottom of your browser underneath the list.

Hide table list