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Navigation controls

Zoom and Pan



To move the map click and hold the left mouse button and drag the map to a new location.


You can also move the map North, South, East or West using the pan arrows. These can be found on the top left hand corner of the map.


The third option to scroll (pan) up, down, left, or right is to use the cursor keys.


Zooming in and out


To see the map with more detail you need to zoom in. You can do this by using the mouse wheel.

zoom bar

Click the [Plus] sign on the top of the bar to zoom in or the [Minus] sign on the bottom of the zoom bar. Alternatively, click and drag the dot in the middle.

zoom area

You can also move and zoom to a specific area by using the right mouse button. Click the right button, and drag the mouse to create a selection area where you want to zoom in.

double click

To centre and zoom in on a location, double click the location.