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Create Theme

To create new theme follow these steps:

  1. Login to Geopedia using the Login button in the top right corner of the map.
  2. Go to the "Personal" tab where you see two buttons: New Layer and New Theme. Select New Theme.
    new theme
  3. The theme wizard opens where you enter basic information about the new theme.
    theme wizard
    You can set the following options:
    1. Permissions:
      • Not allowed - private theme, not publicly accessible.

      • View with link - access to the theme is possible via a URL link for sharing with others but is not searchable.

      • Only view - anyone can see the theme.

    2. Default view - set the map's location and zoom level when the theme is opened.

    3. Digital elevation model table

    4. Logo link URL - link to logo image.

    5. Copyrights - if your data contains copyright-protected material.

    6. Description

  4. When you are finished press the "Save" button to create your new Theme.

  5. Your new Theme opens in edit mode in the "Content" tab where you can add new groups which will contain layers.
    add group

  6. To add a new layer to the group click the [Add layer] icon on the group header.

  7. This opens a Layer selection window where you can locate and select layers from the list. Click the "Add" button to confirm your selection.
    layer selection

  8. The layer is added to the group. Repeat as necessary, when finished click save .
    new group