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How to export spatial data?


The easiest way to get data from Geopedia is by using its ‘Export’ feature. Export allows the user to manually export the data from a layer (or filtered data) at any time into one of the following formats: ESRI Shapefile, CSV, Excel (xlsy) and GPX.

Data can only be exported if permissions for this are available.

Export tool is one of the common tools for editing layer features and can be found at the bottom of the Layer tab.

If the export tool is not displayed, it means that the user is not logged in or he/she does not has permissions to export this layer`s data.

layer`s tools

  1. Click the Export layer button to open.
  2. Export layer wizard opens in a dialog box.
  3. Select a file format you want to export.
    select format
  4. Select layer`s fields you want to export.
    export fields
  5. Set the corresponding coordinate system.
    coordinate system
  6. Click the Export button and wait while your file is being processed.
  7. Click the Download button to save the file.