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Geopedia offers large set of functionalities depending on your account type. The standard registered user is a free account, PRO is a paid service. For PRO accounts, click here for more info.

NOTE: As part of the Geopedia World launch we would like to celebrate by giving all users trial PRO accounts lasting for three months! Simply register now and your account will be upgraded to PRO automatically. This promotion will end without notice.

Which functionalities correspond to your account type is presented in the table below. Additionally, some data will be available as paid service.

Functionality non-Registered user Registered user Pro user
View public theme info and data
Create/edit/delete your own theme  
Manage copyrights on your own theme  
Set starting position and scale for a personal theme  
Edit your own theme's logo image and URL link    
Edit your own theme's table filter    
Edit your own theme's table time interval    
Create a subset layer from an existing personal/public layer    
View public layer data
Create/edit/delete features in your own layer (adding data)  
Edit your own layer's style  
Create/edit/delete your own features in public layers  
Show your own layer's features in a table  
Show public layer's features in a table  
Filter data on your own layer's table of features  
Import additional data into public layers (CSV, GPX, SHP, GML)  
Create/edit/delete your own vector (data) layer    
Create/configure your own WMS layer    
Import additional data into your own layer (CSV, GPX, SHP, GML)    
Manage copyrights on your own layer    
Set/use a time interval for temporal layers    
Use the coordinate converter tool
Use the distance measure tool
Use Google routing
Import data into a new layer    
Export features from your own layers    
Feature info
Show the height profile of a line
Show file metadata (photo EXIF, etc.)
Print to PDF
Share link (email, social network...)
View map in 3D
Print to image    
Embed Geopedia map on a website    
WMS services    

PRO accounts

PRO accounts are a paid service allowing maximum functionality. PRO users also have access to certain paid services (see below) that regular users will not have access to.

Some of the data will be charged on per-access base. Currently, such data includes Google maps (although in trial period you may use them for free). Please contact us if you'd like to charge for your data on Geopedia.