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Use and show spatial data now

You can easily show all data from Geopedia in one simple widget. It provides many powerful tools and visualization of a standalone Geopedia application.

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Zoom to features: Mt. Everest Kennedy Space Center Frankfurt Int'l Cuba


Get started

Before starting using widget, you need a valid widget ID. Just fill in a form on the right and we will provide you with a valid widget ID.

You can use our widget configurator where you can easily set desired settings, from size, sidebar position, 2D/3D mode, layers and many more. Use your own widget ID or test widget functionalities with our testing widget ID.

Widget configurator

Widget can easily be embeded into HTML page with only few lines of code:


SETTINGS are optional initial settings. They are represented as key=value pairs, separated by ampersand (&) character. Their names are the same as in setSettings command. Also, 3d can be added to the SETTINGS string, to start the widget as a standalone 3D viewer (e.g. .../?widgetId=w123&getResults=true&3d).

INITIAL_URL_PARAMETERS are optional initial parameters, like X,Y position, scale, layers, etc. See URL parameters for more details.

Geopedia API

Geopedia offers easy embed of your GIS data into your webpage. Geopedia widget can hold all your data and provides easy API methods to work with your data.

To start use Geopedia API, check our API documentation with all the methods.

Geopedia API