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Requests a current map information, like position and scale.

Command JSON members:

  • command: getInfo

Response JSON members:

  • command: "getInfo",
  • error: true/false,
  • errorMessage: optional message string when error occured,
  • centerX: center x coordinate number,
  • centerY: center y coordinate number,
  • minX: min visible x coordinate number,
  • minY: min visible y coordinate number,
  • maxX: max visible x coordinate number,
  • maxY: max visible y coordinate number,
  • zoomLevel: current scale level number,
  • baseTableId: ID of the current background raster layer


Command: {"command":"getInfo"} 

Response: {"command":"getInfo","error":false,"centerX":500,"centerY":50,"minX":0,"minY":0, "maxX":1000,"maxY":100,"zoomLevel":10,"baseTableId":4}