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Executes a command defined by the param parameter.Command JSON members:

  • command: execute,
  • param: <parameters string> (see below),

param can be one of the following:

  • setLocation=<URL map location and scale parameters>
  • setUrlParameters=<URL parameters>
  • addMarker (waits for the user to mouse click to add a new marker)
  • addMarkerXY=<x>,<y>
  • removeMarker=<index>
  • clearMarkers
  • getMarkers (returns a list of markers, see below)
  • getTables (also getLayers): returns a list of all tables/layers, including the turned off layers; equal to the "execute" command "getTables"
  • setTableOn / setLayerOn=all
  • setTableOn/setLayerOn=<table ID>
  • setTableOff/setLayerOff=all
  • setTableOff/setLayerOff=<table ID>
  • setThemeTableOn=<theme table ID>
  • setThemeTableOff=<theme table ID>
  • getInfo (equal to the getInfo command)
  • getShareUrl (equal to the getShareUrl command)
  • loadFollowPathFeature=<table ID>,<feature ID>
  • startFollowPath=<start percentage (0..1)>,<speed in points per second>; note that startFollowPath will periodically send unsolicited "pathFollow" responses.
  • stopFollowPath

"getMarkers" parameter returns: [<list of markers>] where markers consist of {x:<x>, y:<y>} pairs

"getTables" parameter returns: [<list of tables>] where tables consist of {themeTableId:<ID>, tableId:<ID>, isEnabled:true/false, name:<string>, group:<string>}

"getInfo" parameter returns: see getInfo"getShareUrl" parameter returns:

No response is returned, except for "getMarkers", "getTables", "getInfo" and "getShareUrl".