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Geopedia's Vision

Geopedia was established with a desire to have the ability to store, view and edit geographic (GIS) data in one place. Initially it was focused mainly on Slovenia but there was always a desire to expand abroad. Finally, in March 2015, Geopedia World was launched which offers world-wide coverage. Data is available for different kinds of users - from individuals who come to browse and explore to GIS professionals who work in the industry and other sectors. Geopedia offers many powerful tools to analize and manage GIS data easily and effectively.

Using Geopedia

Geopedia is intended for all users desiring local or global GIS data, for example:

  • Casual users who only wish to view and benefit from existing data in the system, be it parks or atlases worldwide, among many others.
  • Users who wish to create data, either adding information to existing public layers or creatig their own to share with others or keep to themselves.
  • Geodesists, geographers, construction managers and other professionals needing GIS data to assist in their work.
  • Webmasters wishing to offer their users a digital interactive map to embed onto their website.
  • Owners of GIS data may also use Geopedia to share their data with others, either for free or as a paid service.

The History of Geopedia

Geopedia started as a system for collecting various spatial data in Slovenia only. Slovenia has a great wealth of publicly available GIS data - various institutions each maintain their own data but with it each has a different way of accessing it. This meant that data access was fragmented and anytime someone wanted to query multiple datasets at once this became a problem as it couldn't be easily done in one place. What was necessary was to use multiple applications at once, often needing to copy data from one to another. The goal of Geopedia therefore was for it to be a platform where all this data could be accessible, with a bit of Wikipedia flair, meaning users can co-create data, too. The initial Geopedia was launched on May 17, 2007, which from then on has been constantly growing and expanding its data and user base.

How Does Geopedia Work?

Geopedia was developed by Sinergise d.o.o. as an example of the company's experience in handling GIS data and applications. It is based on Java and Javascript and will run in your browser with no plugins necessary. Geopedia is flexible and upgradable, new features can be added with ease. The portal portal.geopedia.si is based on Drupal technology which allows for easy management. The data on Geopedia varies from public domain data to copyrighted data where any external use is prohibited.